Supriya Karekar, Fermentation Manager

The EVERY Company's Fermentation Manager is a leadership role to drive fermentation competency to enable cost effective translation of R&D discovery into semi-works and pilot-plant scale.

April 14, 2023

Supriya Karekar, Fermentation Manager

DALY CITY, Calif.--Meet Supriya. She's an essential part of The EVERY Company's team and a true leader. As EVERY's Fermentation Manager, she not only is an incredible asset to the company’s growth, but her skills and experience make her an invaluable collaborator and co-worker day in and day out. Supriya manages daily operations of the fermentation facility and supervises the team executing weekly fermentation schedules from lab scale to pilot scale.

Responsible for creating novel processes for optimizing fermentation, Supriya is a master of her craft, and her processes have been scaled across multiple CMOs. She works closely with the on-site teams to ensure the processes are effective and efficient, and she also manages our work with key partners. Supriya is constantly innovating and developing new processes to further improve fermentation outcomes. She develops and implements potential novel upstream fermentation process optimization techniques to improve protein production rate, titer, yield and purity. Supriya also performs data analysis including carbon and material balance to understand the tradeoffs between process parameters and key performance indicators.

Supriya also plays an important role in equipment installation and commissioning, and she provides vital maintenance support working with our vendors. She also ensures laboratory infrastructure and equipment meets all safety, regulatory and maintenance standards expected of a world-class facility.

As Fermentation Manager, Supriya delivers crucial support in fermentation process development efforts and strain screening campaigns.

Supriya has also been integral in the development of EVERY’s AI technologies. She partners with EVERY data scientists to execute experiments that use AI to improve fermentation outcomes. The results of these experiments have been phenomenal and the team is continually working to leverage new ways to use AI to improve fermentation.

Supriya Karekar, Fermentation Manager with test tubes.
Supriya Karekar, Fermentation Manager in the lab.

Supriya displays an amazing combination of technical proficiency and a supportive and approachable demeanor. She moves seamlessly between the lab and the office, and her colleagues always commend her ability to provide hands-on training and mentorship to junior staff, which helps develop competency in recombinant animal protein production using innovative fermentation optimization platforms. She always collaborates and communicates effectively with internal teams and external technology partners.

Supriya is supportive, deeply invested and a creative problem solver. She's a hungry self-starter, and relentless in her pursuit of results. Supriya is a vital part of the EVERY team, and her enthusiasm and expertise are second to none.